Coworking can be a new concept for those used to traditional office environments. It's a new age for the way we work, and for entrepreneurship and business incubation. We are here to help you  succeed in existing or new businesses.

Do you offer permanent desks?

We offer plenty of desk space. Desks are not assigned. At the end of each workday, desks must be cleared. Soon, we will have lockers for each coworker so that supplies can be stored securely. We provide all the typical materials, such as paper, printers, pens, staplers, paper cutters, etc., for members to use.

Can I use 100 West Market Street as my business address.

Yes, we will assign you a unique suite number, and deliver your mail to your private mailbox each day.  Large packages will be stored in the main office until you can claim them.

Do coworkers share a receptionist?

We do not have a formal full time receptionist. From 10 to 5 each day, business member My Digital Conversion frequently accepts customers, and can guide your guests to you. If you are expecting a guest, we ask that you greet them in the main lobby. In the event of unexpected guests, we rely on each other to direct guests to each other. We use a messaging service called Slack to communicate, or can use the internal paging system. We do not offer a phone receptionist.