Fellow Travelers

Coworkers, community members, accomplices, colleagues, mentors, vendors, clients, and possibly lifetime friends: our group is whatever you want to make of it.

Print / Copy / Fax

Need to print an invoice? Make a copy? Send a fax? No problem.

A Business Address

Full and part time members get what new businesses desperately need: a business address that is not a P.O.Box. A real street address is essential for establishing credibility with search engines, directories, agencies and creditors. You can use your address on business cards, and potential visitors can visit you at a professional setting instead of at the local coffee shop.

Coffee and Tea

For a modest charge, members enjoy unlimited quality coffee and teas.

Business Class Wifi

The fastest available in our area, with a mesh system that allows you to move throughout our space without dropping a connection.

Private Phone / Video Booth

Although we do not offer permanent desks, we have many niches in our historic bank, including 2 former safe deposit privacy booths available when discretion is needed.

2 Private Conference Rooms

The former board room of our bank looks just like it did in the 1970s when it was built by Farmers First Bank. It's a formal room that fits 8 comfortably, with a recommended maximum capacity of 10.

Soon, we will restyle the former bank managers office to fit 4 comfortably with a recommended maximum of 7.

Networking and Collaboration

If you wish to use the space for the basics: a professional place to work or a business address, that's why we are here. But it would be a shame not to engage, share, and receive knowledge that can only allow us to grow stronger together.

Sounds good, huh?

Contact us for a tour if you want to take your dreams to the next level.