Why coworking spaces fail

If you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or just need a space to write your next novel, you can lease an office in various forms, for example, in a corporate office park, in a bustling downtown, or, in a coworking space. ¬†Over the last 10 years, coworking spaces have popped up all over the world. Some have thrived, and many have faded away. What’s the difference between failure and success? If it was as easy as setting up a few desks and offering Wifi, the market would be saturated and small businesses would be exploding. Creating a coworking space is not a get rich quick scheme. Just having some extra space and some Ikea desks does not make a coworking space.

It’s been said many times in various ways: at its best, coworking is about collaboration and community. You’ll see those words posted around coworking spaces and their websites. Often it’s sincere. Sometimes these phrases come off as feel good buzzwords. If it’s not sincere, members know it, and stop showing up. In my opinion, companies and groups and teams can only achieve success in the long term by building a culture of success. It takes leadership and vision. And most of all, energy and intention. It is our true intention to create an environment for our members to succeed, for our town to succeed, and witness a resurgence in our local economy. If in the end we are able to share in the success, shine in our role as excellent stewards of this landmark building, and be agents for positivity in our community, then we all win.

Be well,
Steve Ulrich
Founder, First National Coworking